Tuesday, December 31, 2013


We knew the surface was inhospitable. We just never realized how totally inhuman the rest of the planet was.

Planet Dungeon features an assortment of creatures, characters, locations, artifacts, encounters, and other items that all loosely tie together as part of a theme; that theme being a pulp-style alien planet overrun by strange, out-of-control machines and monsters, all left behind by an assortment of now-extinct alien civilizations, scattered across the entirety of the planet's surface as well as deep underground, occupying countless corridors and caverns and other subterranean structures that sprawl out in all directions and connect with one another.

In other words: this is D&D.

I'm putting together this content for my own use, but if you find something you like, feel free to steal it, modify it, be inspired by it, use it, whatever. If you find a use for something, I'd love to hear about it. Everyone's welcome to comment on any of the posts, but you can also e-mail me directly at thesecretdm@gmail.com.

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