Friday, January 3, 2014

Character Origins Random Table

The plant blossomed, its petals folding open to expose a humanoid figure. "Jones?" I muttered, and the thing turned to look at me, bearing my old friend's familiar smile.

In an earlier post, I shared a random table for planet origins. Here is a similar list dealing with player character origins.

d12 Random Table: Character Origins

1. A crashed ship. If that sounds too boring, roll d4 and: 1)...from the past (d100x10 years) 2)...from the future (d100x100 years) 3)...from another dimension (think Twilight Zone) 4)...nope, just a regular crashed ship.
2. You've been stranded on the planet for a long time; you had finally finished constructing a ship, and escaped the planet...but your ship was pulled back and crashed...50 years in the past.
3. You claim to come from some city, but there is no proof such a place as you describe exists, or has ever existed. You have memories though of your childhood, of the town blacksmith. You know it's real, and one day you'll find your home again.
4. You are completing the final part of your journey into adulthood; in your last memory of home, you are smoking with the tribe's shaman. You awakened on this planet, in a new body, and unsure of your purpose. When you have discovered your quest and completed it, you will awaken back on your own world, having earned your place among the adults.
5. You're the seed spawn of a Genesis Flower, meaning you're a regenerated version of an individual who died, only now you're plant based. Part of you wants to finish something from your counterpart's previous life; the other part wants to impregnate your companions with genesis seeds.
6. You stumbled through a glass gateway from another time and place.
7. You're a rarity: a native of this world. Roll again, and that's how at least one of your parents got here. Getting this result again means you aren't 1st generation.
8. You're the last survivor of a Thu-in prison ship that came here. Probably best to keep that a secret from the rest of the party.
9. You have amnesia, and no idea how you got here.
10. You followed a rabbit down a hole. Or maybe you got caught in a tornado? Or was it that wardrobe you stepped in?
11. You're on an important mission for your home world: searching for some lost artifact or some other treasure that will save your people.
12. You're convinced this 'planet' is an Ixian device, and you're determined to get to its lowest bowels and activate the device, whatever it might do.