Thursday, January 2, 2014


The device hummed and whirred as it came to life. It glowed with a beautiful display of the surrounding area: a mountain ranged carved from pure crystal, jutting into view just beyond a stretch of golden-leafed trees. It was almost like Paradise, if it weren't for the chasm full of teeth we'd have to cross to get there.


[Rare, Technology, Minor Tool]

The HexComp is a palm-sized, hexagon shaped device that, when activated, features a three-dimensional display of the surrounding area, within a 10 mile diameter. It isn't very detailed, lacking any sort of zoom function, but it can reveal unique terrain features, such as mountain ranges, artificial structures, nearby rivers, etc.

Other Functions:

5 times/day: The device can display one of the following details for the 10 mile area: Temperature, Elevation, Weather Patterns, Mineral Composition, Radiation Levels. Note that this information is displayed via a color scheme, and not specific numbers. Example: Cold temperatures are blue areas and warm/hot temperatures are orange/red areas. Meanwhile for radiation, dark green colors are no- or low-radiation areas while bright white areas are full of deadly radiation.

(Note: In play, it's best to let the players figure this out on their own.)

After 5 uses, or 12 hours of continuous use, the device shuts off and enters an 8-hour long recharging cycle, after which it can be used normally again.

Indoors: Due to interference, the HexComp cannot function inside of buildings, underground, or other enclosed structures.